A well-built, aesthetically pleasing extension does more than give you a bigger kitchen, extra bedroom, or new study. It also increases the value of your property, bringing positive returns on the original investment.
Kluk Construction specialises in unique and space-enhancing extensions to all kinds of homes, rare buildings and important restoration projects. Let us extend your existing kitchen to create a beautiful and spacious open plan kitchen and dining room that’s perfect for entertaining friends and family. Our experienced, qualified, and creative team can also extend your upper storey to create space for new en suite bedrooms.

We have expertise in the following extension types:

  • Single and multi-storey extensions
  • Conservatories
  • Porches

We take the stress out of the extension process for you by working with local planners on your behalf to gain any necessary planning permission beforehand. If you need assistance with associated services such as brickwork, drainage, doors and windows, and landscaping we can also help. Leave the hard work to us, and get ready to enjoy your new, extended home!

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Popular Home Extensions.

Home extensions are a creative and clever way to add more space to your house, give it a more aesthetic feel and increase the value of your property. With proper planning, your home extension can be an affordable, stress-free experience.

Home extensions take various shapes and forms ranging from a conservatory to a simple porch extension to a multi-storey extension for a garage or utility room.

When it comes to extending your home, hire a professional. Don’t be put off by all the horror stories of cowboy builders. There are capable and competent builders who are focused on doing a great job. Do your research and choose a reputable builder who will do a great job.

  1. Porches

Porches are small extensions located to the front of a house although they can also be to the rear or side of the house. They also do not need to be small; some are quite large in size. Porches generally consist of columns, dwarf walls, windows and a door. They can have bare brick or can be plastered over. Porches tend to have overhead lighting.

It is important to confirm if you will need to get planning permissions before work gets underway for your porch. Typically, smaller porches do not require planning permission as long the porch is not heated and is separated from the rest of the house by an internal door.

If however lighting is required within the porch, you must use a registered electrician or have the electrical work inspected by the building control department.

  1. Conservatories

A conservatory is typically an extension with glass walls and a roof and has different styles and glazing options. Conservatories are supported by dwarf walls similar to porches. They often, however, require planning permissions before building can commence.

  1. Single storey extension

Single storey extensions are built onto a part of the house and one side of the extension adjoins the house. Typically, there is only the ground floor and occasionally a basement below it.

There are several factors that should be taken into consideration with single storey extensions such as the type of roof that will be used on the extension, the size of the extension, its impact on your neighbors and the positioning of the drainage pipes.

In most cases, planning permissions are not required for single storey extensions but building control permission is required.

  1. Two storey or multi-storey extension

This is similar to a single storey extension with the exception that it has more than one storey. The impact to neighbors is a strong factor to take into consideration and it is prudent to get a letter from the Planning Department to undertake this project.

  1. Over-structure extension

An over-structure extension involves putting an extension on top of an existing structure such as a garage, living room, dining room or kitchen.

Planning permissions and building control permits are required for this type of extension is more complicated and usually does involve digging a new foundation.


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