Many families choose to convert their loft as a means of acquiring more space. It also avoids the cost of stressful moving and adds significant value in the process. If you’ve been toying with the idea of a loft conversion but are unsure whether to take the ascent, this home renovation has many benefits that are sure to make you think twice. Offering additional room and extra space for bathrooms, bedrooms and storage, some loft conversions don’t even need planning making the process more straightforward. If you come to sell your home you can also count on an increase in property value. There’s also no need to sacrifice your driveway or garden because the extra space is up in the eaves. At Kluk Construction, we offer numerous types of spacious loft conversions but the type we would recommend for your property depends on a number of factors. Property style and age both play a big part as does budget and available space but as a starting point let’s begin to explore the different types of loft conversions:

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Dormer and L-shaped Dormer Loft Conversion

What makes a loft conversion a dormer conversion is the actual angle of ‘the box’. It’s basically an extension that projects vertically from an existing sloping roof. Internally, dormer conversions create additional space with vertical walls and a horizontal ceiling. It’s also a popular choice for the majority of London properties – technically any property that has a pitched roof can have a dormer loft conversion. An L-shaped dormer conversion is also a popular choice and often considered the best way to extend a mid-terrace period property. Much like a dorma conversion an L-shaped version, involves extending from the slope of a roof. With L-shaped, however, two dormers connect with the larger end built into the main roof. This large new space gives plenty of options such as a bedroom with adjoining en-suite.

Hip to Gable and L-shaped Hip to Gable Loft Conversion

Hip to gable loft conversions are another popular choice because the majority ofhouses have a regular ‘hipped’ roof that includes a sloping side. For this type ofroof, loft space is generally limited which is where hip to gable comes in. Itinvolves extending a property on the sloping side, effectively replacing the slopingroof with a vertical wall. This additional space can be used for any purpose,although most homeowners look to include an office. It will also require planningpermission due to the sloping side of the property changing to a flat gable. At KlukConstruction, we also specialise in L-shaped hip to gable loft conversions so afteran initial assessment for suitability we will suggest the right type of conversion foryour property.

VELUX Loft Conversion

Residential roof lights are fast becoming popular for London loft conversions.
Transforming the home, they can improve your health and help reduce electricitybills. Also known as Velux conversions because the brand is a leader in roof lightwindows, this type of conversion can improve ventilation and fresh air within thehome. Planning permission is not generally required when it comes to Velux loftconversions and this is down to the fact that there are no major changes to theproperty itself. Windows are installed to the roofline meaning the structure of theroof remains unchanged. It’s, therefore, one of the most attractive options of loftconversions with the cost of construction being generally lower. With Velux loftconversions you can also enjoy a certain amount of privacy and natural light willbecome an everyday joy with dark spots banished forever!

Loft Conversions With Sky-High Benefits

With space at a premium across the UK and London, homeowners are turning toconversions and in terms of lofts specifically, did you know they also come withsky-high benefits? According to a survey carried out by Nationwide , a loftconversion in London area can add more than £100,000 to a properties value andwhen coupled with an extra bathroom or bedroom this is then boosted by10-20%.
So to enhance both your property and your lifestyle with a loft conversion by KlukConstruction, why not speak to us today to discuss ideas on taking your livingspace to that next level?

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