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If you’re building your dream house at last but don’t have the time or coordinate, oversee or execute the process of decorating it afterward, let Kluk Construction follow your guidelines and deliver a beautifully decorated home that will be the envy of your family and friends.

We are pleased to offer an interior decorating service to busy clients like yourself. Our accomplished and creative interior design professionals will coordinate details with your architect and all contractors, and execute the entire project from space planning to accessory selection to final installation.

Our Painting and Decorating services include:

  • Construction management
  • Space planning
  • Furniture layout and lighting design
  • Personalised selection of all furniture, lighting, and accessories
  • Selection of paint colours, fixture and floor finishes, and materials

We also provide decorating support if you have an existing residential space that needs a facelift without a lot of construction work being involved. For interior redesign clients, Kluk Construction will create an initial paint palette and furniture recommendation and layout. Once you’ve given us your approval, we assume responsibility for the entire project until completion.

Leave the hard work to us: just enjoy the beautiful results!

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Painting and Decorating with 5 Simple Ways To Decorate Your Home

Painting and Decorating your home doesn’t have to be a challenging affair because there are numerous ideas that you can get from the internet, magazines, and people on how to make it fun. This will also depend on your lifestyle, budget and the use of the room you are decorating.  Interior decorating involves dealing with the looks and feel of the home by using the right color combination and artistic effect with accessories such as drapes and rugs, lighting and furniture.

It is easy to DIY interior painting and decoration, and some of the simple decorating tips include:

  1. Colour-having the right colour combination makes much difference in your home, and it displays your personality. Choose a basic colour scheme for the whole house and paint the walls a neutral colour such as gray, white or beige as this gives you the flexibility to accessorise.  Neutral colours also make a room appear larger. You can choose to paint different rooms’ different shade of colours, but they should complement the upholstery and artwork in the room.
  2. Furniture– have less furniture in your living room so that people can maneuver with ease. It should be arranged in a manner that invites conversation with a touch of intimacy and balance. Arrange the seats and sofa in a U-shape or H- shape and let them float away from the walls. Don’t push them to the walls in the hope to make the room to appear bigger.  Use the outdated furniture, and you can paint it with a bright colour such as white colour to give it a fresh look. Go bold on fabric and mix and match.
  3. Lighting– some rooms will need lots of light than others so choose your lighting carefully.  For example, the bedroom needs less light than the living room. Consider natural lighting into the room, and this is by using light coloured curtains and lightweight material for the panels such as cotton, silk, and linen as this will let in as much sun as possible.  To make a room feel brighter, you may place a mirror perpendicularly to the window as it allows light to bounce back into the room. For the artificial lighting, choose to build layers of illumination, as this creates variety, intrigue, and interest and it should light the room well enough.
  4. Carpet– if you are having a large rug make sure that all the legs of the seats are on it and place the carpet leaving at least  12 to 18 inches from the walls. If you want a smaller rug, it should be able to touch the front legs of each seat. Choose a carpet that complements your seats and a design which will suit your lifestyle and budget.
  5. Artwork– chooses artwork with bright colours and places them on the neutral walls so as to brighten them. Make your own art, print out favourite photos or buy beautiful pieces and each artwork piece should hang at the mid line of which the average human eye level is at 57 to 60 inches from the floor.   You may also hang an exciting collection of silverware which will serve as an eye-catching art piece.


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