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Refurbishments South-West London | 5 Sustainable Ways to Renovate Your Home

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Posted on 26 February 2020

If you’re looking to carry out refurbishments in South-West London, have you thought about sustainable measures? As a nation, we’re all working towards a low carbon country and eco renovations are a crucial step. So this week we thought we’d explore green-living and what else can be done to save planet Earth. Here are our top 5 tips for a successful project, helping to increase your home’s efficiency too.


Use Reclaimed Building Materials

Reusing materials is great for the planet as it removes the need for disposal. Reclaimed building materials can also be useful, for instance, if you are restoring a period home. To source what you need visit salvage yards or even old building sites. Here you will find anything from old bricks to heritage stone but just make sure any materials are fit for purpose.


Opt for Double or Triple Glazing

Over 10 per cent of a home’s energy can be lost through underperforming windows. You should, therefore, ensure that yours function well by updating old single-glazed windows. Replacing with double or even triple-glazed windows will dramatically slow heat transfer. Heat loss can be further reduced if you opt for a product filled with a low-conductivity gas like argon.


Pick Natural Choices for Walls and Floors

By specifying organic products you’ll help keep your home free of potentially harmful chemicals. Both lime and clay plasters are a synthetic alternative and are breathable and flexible too. We’re also seeing more natural options of flooring products such as wood from a sustainable source. Then there’s hypoallergenic Marmoleum also considered to be another green preference for floors.


Decorate with Eco-Friendly Paint

When it comes to decorating a home, there is no doubt that a lot of paint will be used. Thankfully, there are plenty of paint products that are water-based and eco-friendly. Using responsible methods, most green paint brands minimise our impact without compromising on quality. Take household names like Farrow & Ball or Little Greene for luxury paint without the guilt.


Install Underfloor Heating

If you rely on radiators then you should consider switching to underfloor heating instead. A great alternative, it should be easy to install as part of your refurbishment process. Underfloor heating operates at a lower temperature than traditional heating and considered more energy efficient. For this reason, it makes an excellent option if you’re embarking on a sustainable project.


Sustainable Refurbishments South-West London | Get a Quote

Thank you for reading this week’s post exploring sustainable refurbishments in South-West London. While the government may have recognised eco-retrofits are important, it still falls on the homeowner to get things done. If you’d like to find out more about upgrading your home, we can make it more energy-efficient. Please get in touch with our Green Team to discuss a low carbon renovation. Thanks again.


sustainable refurbishment

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