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Our Top 5 Brands of Luxury Paint for Interior Walls

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Posted on 19 February 2020

A fresh coat of luxury paint is the easiest way to achieve a superior home makeover. With intriguing names like Dead Salmon and even Jewel Beetle, suddenly the aisle of the hardware store seems mundane. There’s also many other very good reasons to choose luxury paint over the likes of B&Q versions. Read on this week for 5 top brands that deliver the best possible finish.


Farrow & Ball

First up we have Farrow & Ball, one of the most popular brands of luxury paint. With a collection of 132 shades featuring distinctive names, the brand promises a unique look and timeless colour. Farrow & Ball’s range of luxury paint is, in fact, highly pigmented to deliver the depth which brings walls to life. Can the same also be said for a more budget home brand? The answer is absolutely not.


The Little Greene Paint Company

Believed to have been originally founded in 1773, Little Greene is an independent, British manufacturer of luxury paint. With a head office based in the North and showrooms in London and Europe, the brand still incorporates many of the original and specialist paint processes. What this means for your walls is an unparalleled finish and surprisingly, something that can actually cost less long-term. Some high-street economical brands just aren’t worth the money and can look disappointing after just three years.


Paint & Paper Library

Another luxury paint favourite is Paint & Paper Library, founded by interior designer David Oliver. From their Architectural paint to the Monochrome Collection, the brand boasts 180 fantastic shades. With names like Yesterday’s Flower and Chelsea Green II, this paint can also be found in some of the world’s most prestigious properties. All products are additionally manufactured to high standards and accredited by RIBA. What DIY retailer can claim that?



Zoffany is the brand for those who seek to fuse luxury with art. Providing exceptional coverage and an elegant palette, you’ll want to immerse yourself in this series. Highlights from the range include Velvet Blue and an exquisite looking Tiger’s Eye. What shade should you choose, however, that is the question? This luxury paint collection really is outstanding.


Craig & Rose

Craig & Rose was originally established during the mid 19th century. Over the years the brand has also enjoyed great success, even manufacturing the paint for St Paul’s Cathedral. Today, Craig & Rose combine their humble beginnings with a wealth of knowledge on the latest contemporary trends. Offering a variety of fine-tuned ranges for the modern home, why not make a statement with Craig & Rose?


Luxury Paint for High-End Refurbishments

Thank you for reading this week’s post, a helpful review of 5 luxury paint brands. Whether you’re a straight-up Marigold fan or prefer something different, we hope you have found this article to be of great use. At Kluk Construction, our schedule is growing with more up-market refurbishments in South-West London. If you have a project in mind, please do get in touch and let’s brush up on your signature home style! Thanks again.


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