Move or Improve? | An Honest Look at Home Remodelling

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Posted on 12 March 2020

When you first moved into your home it was probably bliss but as time goes by things change. Maybe you’d like another bedroom or an open-plan kitchen but should you find somewhere else or remodel? A dilemma most homeowners face at some point if this is you then we’ve got you covered. Read on this week to weigh up the facts so you can decide whether to move or improve.


Location, Location, Location

Kirsty and Phil have been telling us for years that the ideal home is all about location. Hard to come by, it is a rare thing if your home is in ‘the perfect area’. Whether that’s near work or good schools, maybe a home remodel should be your goal? Trawling Zoopla or Right Move for hours on end may prove that the grass isn’t greener.


Consider Emotional Ties

Emotional ties will play a big part in your decision to move or stay. Maybe you live near family or are close to your neighbours, these will all make the thought of uprooting seem daunting. But just because things are really good now does not mean that they can’t be even better elsewhere. Perhaps a change of scenery is what you secretly crave and this may mean having to move.


Home Remodelling Can Be Disruptive…

If you’ve never experienced a remodel before, things can get a bit messy. The removal of internal walls can be especially disruptive and your kitchen may be out of action. Combat this by staying with friends unless you can cope with making meals in your bedroom. It’s only temporary, however, and once the building works done you can move back in and watch your home transform.


… But Even a New House May Need Some Work

Picture the scene you’ve decided to move home and are settling in with the family. Then suddenly you realise it’s not quite up to scratch and you’re now even finding the kitchen outdated. How many houses have you looked at on Right Move and made a mental note a new bathroom is needed? So that’s the cost of a new house, plus any stamp duty yet you still might not think it’s perfect.


Move or Improve? Our Expert Advice on Home Remodelling

It’s a tough call but only you will know what is best in the long run. Before you get an estate agent around take time to consider what it is exactly you’re looking for. Also, think about your budget because there are fees when it comes to selling up and moving. Would this money be better spent elsewhere? How about doing some home remodelling and staying?

If you still can’t decide then it might be worth getting some quotes to refurbish your home. This will help you to see what’s realistic before you make the big decision. For instance, compare the price of a new kitchen and extension versus a move to a bigger property. If a redesign is your conclusion then speak to our team to start making the most of your home! Thank you for reading.


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