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Posted on 23 November 2019

Introducing our Guest Expert – Marta Lyskawa Home Staging

This week we’re at Kluk Construction fortunate enough to showcase some tips from interiors Queen, Marta Lyskawa. Founder and owner of Pearl Home, Marta specialises in all elements of professional home staging. Her main duty is assisting property investors in preparing their houses and flats for rental or sale. On the other hand, however, she additionally helps clients to achieve a warm and comfortable home.

Marta’s mission is to help others find peace and this starts with a beautiful interior. Read on this week to discover Pearl Home and to learn more about home staging.


Why Does Home Staging work?

The goal of effective home staging is to present the real value in an average property and our signature philosophy and practice is to style a property with the buyer in mind. Being prepped in accordance means the home is properly presented and will appear more attractive and valuable than others. Each property also has its own vibe and usability – home staging simply tries to bring out the best of this.


Three Basic Principles of Home Staging Effectiveness

There are three basic principles that determine the essence of home staging effectiveness:

1) Home staging techniques to make the offer stand out visually

First of all, a property is professionally prepared for sale so that it visually stands out from others on the market. A good attitude and first impression are the keys to sales success and it is widely known that we buy through our eyes.

2) Home staging arranges the interior as intended

Secondly, home staging relieves the buyer of the activities they would need to carry out after buying the property. The

practice of home staging also allows you to arrange the interior in accordance with the properties natural purpose. Thanks to this the buyer receives a ready-made lifestyle. Not everyone has the imagination of how to use space but a good home stager will do it without a problem.

3) Home staging diverts the attention away from irrelevant details

Thirdly, home staging diverts the buyer’s gaze from the things it unnecessarily focuses on. People have a natural tendency to see things they observe as negative rather than positive. In addition, any single negative manifestation of a feature can disrupt up to five positive features. Home staging can distract the buyer from such insignificant features such as mismatched equipment, unfortunate wall colour and finally a seemingly useless, small kitchen.


Home Staging for Buyer Perception

These three basic rules are very simple but are a great way to think about selling your property. They are also a kind of interpretation of how the buyer perceives your property and in which direction the home staging should be taken.


Marta Lyskawa Home Staging – contact:

Thank you for reading our Guest Expert post, courtesy of Marta Lyskawa. If you have any questions about professional home staging, you can get in touch with Marta here…

Marta Lyskawa

Pearl Home Design

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