Builders South-West London | 6 Basement Conversion Ideas

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Posted on 13 November 2019

If you’ve decided it’s time to go below ground with a modern basement conversion, at Kluk Construction, we’re builders in South-West London and can help you expand your home. A natural extension of the original structure, basement conversions can be used for any purpose. Read on this week for six ideas to provide you with some inspiration.


Underground Parking

Parking in London is at a premium and can be problematic for residents. So what better idea than to have your own space for parking family cars in private? Using a basement conversion as an underground garage is a trend that is definitely starting to snowball. You could even leave plenty of room for general garage storage – it’s a win-win situation.


Excavate for an Open-Plan Living Space

If your homes current layout doesn’t lend itself very well to open-plan living, consider a basement conversion for more square footage and a multifunction living-zone. Even the rich and famous are going underground and taking their kitchens with them so join the club by converting your cellar into a contemporary new living space.


A Self-Contained Flat

If you have elderly relatives you want to keep close a basement conversion will be ideal. Creating a self-contained flat could help their wellbeing and also ensure their independence. Alternatively, the flat could be where guests stay over or even a holiday let. For the latter, the space will need its own entrance so your residents can come and go as they please.


Dedicated Office Space

If you work from home and need more space for your day to day business activities, a basement conversion will be a success in helping you grow and expand. If needed you could also include a separate entrance for hosting meetings with clients. They’re additionally usually quiet so you’ll be able to think and focus without distraction.


Swimming Pool and Fitness Suite

Nothing says ‘you’ve made it’ like a home gym and swimming pool. Undertake a basement conversion and this dream could be yours with even sauna or hot tub included. As our fitness becomes more important, our time is reduced, when you consider commuting to and from exercise classes. A home fitness suite, therefore, will be very convenient and means more time for the things you love.


Home Cinema and Entertainment

Rooms for entertaining are becoming increasingly popular for basement conversions in London. The ability to sound-proof also means you can host a number of guests and have the sound high on your home cinema. You’ll be the talk of the street for the best nights in and without disturbing any neighbours. Home cinemas are also a little slice of luxury that could be hugely beneficial in terms of improving house value.


Builders – South-West London | Basement Conversion Ideas Made Possible

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this post on ideas for basement conversions. If you’re dreaming of a subterranean haven we can help you make use of this underground space. Please also stay tuned as over the next couple of months we’ll be writing a series of articles on planning and drawings. So if it’s a basement conversion you’d like we can help with it all including the structural calculations and more. Thank you for reading.


Builders South-West London | 6 Basement Conversion Ideas.

Builders South-West London | 6 Basement Conversion Ideas.


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