Loft Conversions – South-West London | 5 Things to Consider

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Posted on 6 November 2019

We recently wrote a guide to loft conversions in South-West London and following on from this we’d like to explore this type of renovation in more detail. An attic conversion is certain to add more value to your property. No two are the same, however, so never just settle for any old loft idea. There’s also a number of factors to look at before embarking on loft conversions. Read on this week as we cover five to help get your project started.


The Use of Your New Space

As a starting point for loft conversions, ask yourself what will you be using the new space for? Considering this will help with design and bring your vision together more quickly. The rule of thumb is to create more balance whether that be an additional room with en-suite. Other ideas, however, include a home office, playroom or place to unwind.


Total Budget

The cost of loft conversions can vary and obviously depend on the scale of the project but if you’re trying to keep things sensible then a dormer is likely to fit your budget. Don’t forget what you spend might not even be lost – it’s worth considering the return on your investment. When you weigh up the possible value at the end of the project it might just sway your decision!


Will You Need Planning Permission?

Where you live will affect the type of planning for loft conversions. For instance, conservation areas and listed buildings all have to adhere to stringent rules. Generally speaking, however, in South-West London, most loft conversions can be done under permitted development. You can find out more via the Planning Portal as to what rules will apply to your project.


Bathrooms and Loft Conversions

If the dream is to create a new bathroom during attic and loft conversions, your plumbing will need to be checked to determine whether the system will be able to cope. To produce both hot and cold water on another floor more pressure will be required. If the system is unable to manage then it’s worth considering upgrading your plumbing system. One other thing is whether you’d also like to include a walk-in shower. Remember, loft conversions have sloped roofs so make sure that this is clear from the outset.


Artificial and Natural Lighting

Last but not least for loft conversions, the lighting does play a big part. Attic spaces are known to be dark and dingy so eliminate any shadows with light. For the room to also be habitable, you’ll need to choose windows that are of a good-size. Brands such as the desirable Velux are a popular choice and allow for lots of natural light. The Velux Cabrio model additionally features a balcony for making the most of views. Then there are spotlights and dimmers for when night sets in, why not check out our guide to home lighting design?


Loft Conversions – South-West London | Take Your Home to the Next Level!

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our post and are now clued up about loft conversions! One other thing to expect is some upheaval whilst the work is being carried out. At Kluk Construction, however, we aim to make loft conversions as painless as possible. We’ll also tailor your space to match your requirements, budget and personal taste. Please get in touch to discuss a project and thank you for taking the time to read this week’s post.


Loft Conversions - South-West London

Loft Conversions – South-West London | Remember to Consider Sloping Ceilings for Walk-in Showers.


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