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Kluk Construction can give you the interior you always dreamed of. We can give your home a new life, or finish it in a way which tells your guests a little about the quality of your position/status. If you care about how your house is presented, have an eye for detail and love perfect design you’ve come to the right place.



We offer a complete service for small flats and big residences. We work in any style and design and give our clients building solutions, from an ultra-modern, luxury apartment to a country house.


We can help you with every type of project – from a kitchen, children's room or bathroom to the whole house. We work to each client's individual requirements,
timescale and budget. Always on time!


You save a huge amount of time and money. Deal with one, professional and experienced company – take a look at our service to see what we could do for you and your house!



















My business comes from my passion and commitment. It is said that a company is the people who make it. I must proudly say that my case fully proves how true this saying is.

For over two years I have led my own company that is much more to me than just a way of earning money.

My friends humorously say that I know everything about interior design. Within just a few weeks I can transform every interior to match the preferences of its future owners.

People blindly follow the trends described in common magazines. For me a design, décor, colours and a room layout mean much more than that. The most important is to feel comfortable in your own home or work space, so I work to bring the cosiness and joy to you.

I will listen carefully to your views and advise the best solutions. Just tell me what your home is to look like and I will do the rest.

I will be more than happy to make your dream come true.

– Marcin K. Kluk

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Deciphering the 4 stages of the building process

Each building project is unique but they all have fundamental stages to be followed to ensure their success. You need to have a deeper understanding of each stage of the building process for you to know what needs to be done so you can do everything right.

Your project could be complex or it could be quick and easy. It may be a new build, a renovation, or an alteration of a city apartment building or a holiday beach house. The complexity and size of the finished project will affect the complexity and duration of the building process. Whichever the case, you will have to follow the following stages:

Planning for the build

Compose your ideas and get them together then think about what you would like to achieve and what must be achieved so as to consider timing, budget, and priorities. You can get an idea of the costs from builders and designers to know whether the project is realistic. The land location and your building’s positioning on the site could influence the project heavily. In this stage, you will need to perfect the design, assemble the right team for the project, formalize contracts, insure, and plan for safety and health.

Obtaining building consent

This stage includes reviewing the building plans and the budget as you will be applying for building consent. At this juncture, you will consider whether changes need to be made to avoid paying extra fees. You will then apply for the relevant permits and consents, a building consent included. Ensure you consider the timing because if you do not begin the building work in the course of 12 months the building consent will expire.

Building in accordance with the consent

Now you can begin construction after obtaining the building consent. You will need to communicate the start date with your council, as you have to begin the project 12 months after obtaining the building consent and complete it in the course of 2 years. The council will use the date in their final project sign-off. It is part of the information to be gathered all through the project.

Signing off and maintenance of the property

Make sure everything is done as spelled out in the building consent, contracts, and plans. Let the builder know if there are any issues within 12 months following completion of the build. Make final payments according to the agreements in the contracts and ensure you pay council fees so you can obtain a council sign-off. Maintaining the finished property is a sure fire way of protecting your investment. The contractors will inform you of any maintenance required in terms of materials and products. Take note of and adhere to the instructions to ensure any guarantees and warranties are effective.

Kluk Construction will be there for you through all these stages to make sure the building process goes easily for you. We use the best materials and equipment to ensure our results are high in quality and our professionals experienced in the field enabling them to offer you the best services.



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