Residential Bespoke Kitchen Extension From Vision to Realisation

Extending your home is an effective way of improving your standard of living and at Kluk Construction, we’d like to ensure you live in a home that you love. Using the best quality materials, our experienced team offer a full design and building service. We also focus on improving the value of your home should you wish to make a return on investment.
From South West London, we make dreams a reality, extending homes to suit all lifestyles. In turn, this means more light-filled space for doing what you love to do! By extending your build in one of three ways you will see massive home layout improvements. But if you’re not familiar with extension terminology, allow us to explain these further:

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Single Storey Side and Back Bespoke Kitchen Extension

The difference between a side return and this type of extension is that side and back is an L-shape build that wraps around the back of the home. Simply think of it as being a side return but with an additional rear build too. They’re also perfect for maximising living space without the stress of a big house move. The wrap around design helps dramatically alter the overall feel of your home and if your family is growing this means more space and doing away with wasted areas. One other benefit to having this type of extension is if you dream of open plan living. Or if that’s too much consider ‘broken plan’ (semi-open) that recognises the importance of quiet spaces. Whatever you’re preference this can all be achieved through a well-built side and back extension. We also have window and skylight options to frame your outdoors area flawlessly.

Two Storey Home & Bespoke Kitchen Extension

Moving on to two storey extensions now which means double the area of new house to work on. But whether done as a side return or side and back there’s no doubt this will result in vast space. The beauty of double storey extensions is that you can add more rooms and value. So not only will you have the downstairs perks, there’ll be upstairs to appreciate too. In the past, our clients have really made the most of their two storey extensions and some ideas we love are a baby’s nursery or new guest room and adjacent en-suite. The additional building work obviously costs more than if the extension were to be on one level but when you weigh up the pro’s including raised house value, it can make decision-making that bit easier.

Our Architectural Design and Build Process

Undertaking a project like an extension can seem like a daunting task but thankfully at Kluk Construction, we have you covered every step of the way. From an initial site visit to understand your needs, followed by a measured survey and quote, we will then create your detailed floorplans before submitting planning and starting the build. Once construction is finished we will then go through any snagging before signing off as complete. After your official handover, we will then additionally provide any important documentation regarding your project.

A Commitment to Excellent Extensions

At Kluk Construction we are more than just builders, we are committed to constructing excellence. So if you’re located in London and the following areas, we’d love to discuss your project: Clapham, Hammersmith, Fulham, Wandsworth, Battersea, Ealing, Chelsea, Kensington, Barnes, Putney, Parsons Green, West Brompton or the leafy village of Chiswick. We provide the whole package including drawings and surveys, even liaising with local planning. Our team also possess a great ear for listening which means you’ll enjoy a stress-free build. To get inspired and create the home of your dreams, please fill out our contact us form. Alternatively, why not visit our gallery and browse our residential work at your leisure?

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