Skilled Carpentry Services by Kluk Construction

At Kluk Construction we offer a range of carpentry and joinery services. From custom cabinetry to intricate panelling, we have worked on some of the most upscale homes in London. Our precise approach additionally means your refurbishment will be straighforward and we can also provide ongoing support after your project’s complete.

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Carpentry vs Joinery

One vital question we often get asked is what is the difference between a carpenter and joiner? Used interchangeably within the woodworking trade, they are actually two different specialisms. With a skilled carpentry master, they will create and install at your house, whereas a joiner has an actual workshop. Both, however, make bespoke pieces to ensure your home looks homely.

Choosing The Skilled Carpentry Services

When it comes to choosing the right carpenter you will first want to have a look at their past experience. Work examples are also good such as a portfolio of project photos. Any carpenter worth their salt will also have adequate knowledge and skills. They should also know how different types of wood can be used and how this can affect clients i.e. staircases, kitchens and cabinetry. As different carpenters specialise in various woodwork, it’s really important that you do your homework. You should also be sure to check on credentials to confirm that they are up to the job.

A Skilled Carpentry Services

At Kluk Construction you can be certain we have the appropriate carpentry skills and we’ve built a great reputation these last few years providing our clients with peace of mind. We also have the creative means to accomplish any residential project with all woodworking elements made to precision to slot into your overall refurb.

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Skilled Carpentry Services

Skilled Carpentry Services

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