Refurbishment South West London

Refurbishment South West London & Integrated Home Transformations

Do you have a love/hate relationship with your house and do you often long to move? Maybe you adore the area but hate the fact that your kitchen and bathroom are too small. Well, the good news is that at Kluk Construction, we offer a complete home renovation service. Which means you’ll save on the expense and annoyance of moving to a home that might not be much better. There are also many benefits of property upgrades like the wiring, lighting and heating. Do these right and it may even result in lower utility bills and home maintenance costs.

A full house renovation means getting what you want, to create a place that you love called ‘Home’. So let’s take a look at what can be done when you have a refurbishment by Kluk Construction.

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Refurbishment South West London & Turn key Design and Build

First and foremost let’s start with the basics, our turnkey design and build because with any building project it’s vital to have a clear cut schedule of works. After performing a building survey and structural analysis to establish the condition of your property, we will work with you closely from the design and planning to all building work and project completion. Some renovations actually need no planning permission but for everything else, we can help with this process. We’re also able to work with your Architect if needed to breathe life into your renovation.

Next Level Bathrooms and Wet Rooms

We spend an average of 2 hours a week in the bathroom, unwinding, showering and bathing so with this in mind, it’s certainly a room that deserves a little TLC. Given the specialist nature of most bathroom renovations, this is where our experience shows and at Kluk Construction, we’re always on hand to help with the tough decisions. When it comes to creating your perfect bathroom, it’s often the little things that create the big picture. For instance, free-standing baths are a popular feature and they allow you to soak in style. If baths aren’t your thing, however, consider a wet room, an open-plan showering area. And if you really want to push the boat out, how about this; his and hers luxury sinks?

Show-stopping Kitchen Remodels

Replacing, extending or relocating a kitchen can often be a complicated business but with Kluk Construction, you’re in safe hands and guaranteed a process that’s smooth. Because kitchens are also now ‘open books’ with everything out in the open, you’ll need good storage and for this, there’s always innovative sorting solutions. When it comes to the style of your chosen kitchen the options do seem to be endless. But with Kluk Construction, you’ll find your ideal, whether Minimal, Rustic or Shaker. And let’s not forget the finishing touches that make for a show-stopping remodel. Think induction hobs and boiling water taps for a kitchen of convenience and style.

Cooling Air Conditioning Installations

Given our climate, you might be surprised to hear we install air conditioning but actually, this is a viable option for most home renovations. Because our homes are being built to be more airtight, with less thermal mass to absorb heat, it means our usual methods of keeping ourselves cool no longer has the same effect. Air conditioning is, therefore, a great solution, with units available in a wide range of sizes. We will even ensure that it ‘talks’ to your heating in order to avoid the system from automatically switching on.

Open-Plan Living with WOW-Factor

Open-plan living is on the rise with most refurbishments based on this layout. It also brings people together with room continuity, making separate activities a thing of the past. When it comes to the layout of your new open plan home, we would firstly look at your lifestyle. Large rooms work well with thoughtfully zoned areas and different lighting to create layers. To begin your journey to open-plan living, we will also discuss any wall layout/structural changes. Bi-fold doors are also a brilliant addition and add to that general feeling of more space.

Refubrishment South West London & The Kluk Construction 

If you are considering refurbishing your home this year then we encourage you to get in touch. From day one we will be on hand to help and advise, as well as keeping you updated on progress. With Kluk Construction, you can also be safe in the knowledge that your home renovation will look fantastic. We’ll also deliver on time and on budget a place that you can call ‘Home’.

Please get in touch to find out more or browse our refurbishment south west London gallery for ideas.

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