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Climate control within the home is an essential part of life so at Kluk Construction we offer the service; installation of air conditioning. Not only does air conditioning reduce humidity, but it also purifies the air quality so irritants such as pollen and mites will be a thing of the past. Air conditioning can also ensure your home is kept clean and safe and here are some examples of rooms that will benefit from climate control.


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Kitchen and Living Room A/C Air Condition Installation

At the heart of a home are the kitchen and lounge, two spaces that need to be comfortable. So at Kluk Construction, we promise just that with monitored cooling preferences. Combatting kitchen odours, a ceiling unit will provide enjoyable cooking surroundings. For the lounge, we also have various options, such as wall and floor alternatives.

Bedroom A/C Air Condition Installation

Personally, we think that bedrooms are a crucial room to keep cool. When we sleep our core temperature drops right down and when we’re too hot this can keep us awake. So what better solution than air conditioning to ensure for a peaceful slumber. Our units are additionally quiet so they won’t disrupt the best sleep of your life!

Annual Maintenance for A/C Air Condition

Recently legislation came into effect, making it compulsory to service A/C. This is to prevent the release of refrigerant gasses that contribute to global warming. If you’re considering installing new air conditioning, take regular maintenance into account, however, look after it well and you’ll ensure a system that runs efficiently.

If you’re a Fan of Comfortable Living – Please Get in Touch

At Kluk Construction, we have a number of options to accommodate your cooling needs. From sleek wall units to discreet grilles, there’s a variety to suit your decor. We can also advise on the best make and model to benefit your home and habits so to find out more please get in touch to discuss your air conditioning requirements.

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