Why Hire Kluk Construction for Refurbishments, Extensions and Loft Conversions?

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Posted on 23 October 2019

If you’re based in South-West London and desire to make some changes to your home, at Kluk Construction, we’re specialists in refurbishments, extensions and loft conversions. But why use us we hear you ask? What makes us stand out in a crowded market? Allow us to explore our unparalleled service and explain why customers love working with us.


Expertise in all Types of Home Conversions

At Kluk Construction, we specialise in all types of home alterations and this includes kitchen extensions, loft conversions and refurbishments such as bathrooms. This makes us a go-to company in South-West London, with many projects in the area under our belts and we can either work to a brief or offer our input, we have plenty of background in both.


A One-Stop Service for Design and Build

Home renovations can often feel a little perplexing for some and it’s no surprise in this day and age, life can just get so busy. At Kluk Construction, we understand this and so we aim for projects to be kept straightforward. Our team is a one-stop-shop for design and build and we’ll ensure we have a full understanding of your needs. Our process usually starts with a building survey and structural analysis to establish the condition of your property. We’ll then produce plans with a schedule of works so you’ll know where you are throughout the project.


Our Priceless Refurbishment Network

When it comes to refurbishments, we’ve built up quite the professional team, which means if we can’t do it, we’ll know someone who can, keeping all elements of the project simple. As the homeowner, you’ll, therefore, avoid having to search for any specialist trades. We’ll do all of the legwork including liaising, potentially saving any costly mistakes.


Our Team Can Save you Time and Money

A standout reason to use our team is that we can save you both time and money! We know home remodelling inside and out and we know what works and what doesn’t. There’ll be no toing and froing with different trades when you’re trying to work full time. You’ll also receive expert guidance throughout the whole project to help keep to timeframes and budget.


We’ll Potentially Increase your Properties Value

Looking to the future if you ever decide to put your home up for sale, an existing refurb could potentially improve the value of the overall property. Prospective buyers additionally love updated bathrooms and kitchens so your kerb-appeal will go through the roof and hopefully clinch a swift sale.


We’re Stress Busting Building Heroes!

Last but not least at Kluk Construction, we’re saviours for reducing stress during building. We’ll fit around you and your schedule and can even help with decisions that may lead to sleepless nights. This is things like bathroom flooring and kitchen units or whether walls need to come down internally or not. Don’t worry, it’s all in hand with Kluk Construction, simply watch your refurbishment take shape and enjoy.


High-Calibre Refurbishments, Extensions and Loft Conversions | Projects in South-West London

Thank you for reading this week’s post which looks at our five-star refurbishment service. With space at a premium in South-West London, a home conversion will be a good move. Whether you have ready to go plans or you’re simply curious about a kitchen extension or loft conversion, we would love to assist you with your bespoke build – please contact our team to get the ball rolling. Thank you for reading.


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  1. Alicia Browning
    3 November 2019 at 14:00

    We had pleasure to hire Kluk for work in our house. We completed refurbishment of entire ground floor which include fitting bespoke kitchen, bathroom and general work to reception rooms. Very well organised, lots of options and cheerful builders ! I completely agree with this post.


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