The Complete Guide to Home Lighting Design for a Modern Refurbishment

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Posted on 30 October 2019

If you’re planning a refurbishment in South-West London, good home lighting design is key. Without it, a home can feel unfinished and lacking in character too. So at Kluk Construction, we thought this week we’d demonstrate some different options of home lighting. Read on for five fundamental types and how they can help layer your home to perfection.


Ambient LED Lighting

General lighting is also known as ambient and it plays a key part in home lighting design. It forms the brightness basics and usually covers all of the main lighting within a house. This is things like spotlights which set the tone and provide enough light for you to see. For an inviting feel use warm LEDs so your home isn’t too bright and stark.


Task and Accent Home Lighting Design

Once the ambient lighting has been chosen, this is where home lighting design gets fun! Accent and Task will both build on layers which is essential to a good-looking interior. Task lighting, in essence, helps you carry out jobs and is localised to where you need it. This is things like cooking, studying and crafts and should be bright enough to prevent eye strain. Accent lighting, on the other hand, adds dimension to a room with drama. Use to highlight a painting or a house plant or draw attention to design elements like wall texture.


Home Lighting Design for Coving

In addition to general ambient lighting, mood lighting can also play an integral part. When used to illuminate coving and cornices it creates sleek uplighting and downlighting too. This is perfect for spaces that are thoroughly modern and the effect gives a subtle and stylish feature. For open-plan living, use coving LEDs to highlight and lift the space.


How to Make Good Use of Natural Light

In addition to artificial lighting, natural daylight brings many benefits. As well as promoting a positive mood, it can enhance an interior, adding another layer that can’t be manmade. A solar tube is one clever way of getting more light into a room without any windows. They additionally maintain privacy and so are great for places like dressing rooms and bathrooms. Clerestory windows are another idea, a type used widely by architects and designers. They’re essentially a high-level strip of very thin windows and often referred to as high-level glazing.


Home Lighting Design and Planning

Now that you’re familiar with the different types of lighting, when is it best to plan the scheme? Well, actually it’s important to start this early by discussing your needs with your builder. Having a definitive plan will allow you to shop for the right type of fittings at an earlier stage. It’s also vital for electrics as your installer will need to know the position and the type of fittings and switches.


Home Lighting Design South-West London | Get in Touch to Discuss a Project

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our post on great home lighting design. Understanding their strengths and where they’re positioned will quickly help you realise a dazzling interior. Whether you have plans to convert a loft, improve a bathroom or add a kitchen extension, we promise a lightbulb moment with Kluk Construction when it comes to the new lighting scheme. Please get in touch to discuss a project and thank you again for reading.


Home Lighting Design

The Complete Guide to Home Lighting Design for a Modern Refurbishment.


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