Kitchen Design Wandsworth | 5 Clever Storage Ideas

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Posted on 20 November 2019

A short while ago, at Kluk Construction, we did a kitchen design for a client in Wandsworth. They chose a stunning mid blue and grey shaker kitchen which featured plenty of functional storage. In fact, good storage is crucial for fitted kitchens but more often than not it can be uninspiring. If this is the case for you and you’re in need of ideas here are 5 for a more organised space.


Oversized Kitchen Pantries

Kitchen pantries are nothing new but they are well-loved for a reason. Typically kitted out with baskets, drawers and plenty of room, a pantry makes searching for ingredients accessible. What’s more, you could even stretch to the ceiling to squeeze in as much kitchen storage as possible. The higher shelves are also great for lesser-used gadgets so they no longer need to clutter up worktops.


Clever Kitchen Cabinetry

If your pantry is full yet you still wish to store any appliances out of sight, there are many uniques ways that this can be done, that are practical and good looking too. For instance, use sliding doors and swing-out shelves for kitchen cupboards that offer plenty of room. Keep any unused appliances at the back of your units and save the front for everyday essentials.


Inventive Kitchen Shelving

Getting creative with space is all part of the fun when it comes to new kitchen storage and one trend that we love is for over-sized shelves instead of two or three shorter versions. Splashback shelving also looks great when it is installed under standard units. Providing a home for glassware, cups and mugs, it’s easily built-in for greater storage capacity.


Store Dinnerware in Sleek Drawers

If you have the room and a kitchen island is a part of your dream design, utilise it well and make every inch count by incorporating additional drawers. By including sleek drawers on both sides of your island you will ensure for more storage options. You’ll also have an extra work surface for prepping or eating and a place to keep nice dinnerware.


Somewhere Unique to Chill the Fizz

A good bottle of wine deserves good storage and there are some handsome wine fridges about but one other unique idea is a champagne bucket actually built into your kitchen worktop! A cool talking point, quite literally speaking, integrated ice buckets are great for parties. Simply place four or five bottles on ice to chill and save plenty of room in your fridge and freezer.


Kitchen Design Wandsworth | Clever Storage Ideas and More!

Thank you for reading this week’s post which explores some handy storage solutions. If your kitchen’s lacking in space perhaps it’s time to reflect so you can actually start enjoying it more? Designer-approved inspiration always helps and we work alongside some of the most experienced interior designers in the industry. Why not check out our first Guest Expert post or get in touch for more kitchen storage advice? Thank you again.

Kitchen Design Wandsworth | 5 Clever Storage Ideas

Kitchen Design Wandsworth | 5 Clever Storage Ideas



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