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Posted on 27 November 2019

Some homeowners choose to have double glazing replaced in the summer months but have you ever considered the benefits of doing this during winter instead? Quite soon it’s also a brand New Year for improving things and tackling home refurbishments such as new windows so read on this week for 5 reasons to replace double glazing in winter.


Flexible Booking with Quick Installation

The usual reason why summer replacements are more popular than winter is that homeowners mistakenly think that warm weather can make the installation easier. Some years ago this may have been true but nowadays experienced installers are fully trained for winter. They’re also able to use techniques to make a winter upgrade just as effective as it would be in summer. Not many people are aware of this so the demand slows down at this time of year. You’ll, therefore, benefit from flexible booking, a shorter wait and quicker installation.


Save Money and Feel the Benefit Instantly

Most homeowners choose modern double glazing for their thermal benefit. Made using two sheets of glass with a gap in between they create an insulating barrier. So upgrade your windows and you will feel the benefit almost instantly. You’ll also potentially save money on home heating that was quite literally going straight out of the window! If your current windows are rattling about, draughty or letting in cold, we cannot recommend new double glazing enough that meets a minimum energy rating of C.


Help Reduce Condensation

When cold air meets a warm surface, it results in condensation and this is particularly more common during winter when our homes emit more heat. With double glazing, this is easily tackled to significantly reduce dampness. This includes kitchens and bathrooms where there’s more water present, however, adequate ventilation is still key.


Protect and Secure Your Home

A lesser-known advantage of double glazing is that it can actually result in a more secure home. It’s also particularly great around Christmas when our home has more valuables around. Intruders are less likely to attempt a potential break-in as double glazing can withstand a high level of impact. It’s additionally great for noise on quiet nights in when everyone else is out Christmas partying.


Conclude a House Sale in 2020

Have plans to sell your home in 2020? Start off the New Year with new double glazing. Not only could this potentially increase your properties value but it’s also actually one of ‘THE’ main features most buyers look for. As the eyes of a house and a key feature, there will also come a time when old sash windows need replacing. Opt for new timber windows which are just as stunning and will give a beautiful touch to a property.


Home Refurbishments London | Discuss a New Year Project With Us

We hope you’ve enjoyed our latest post which discusses new double glazing in winter. Here at Kluk Construction, we can help you decide if it’s worth upgrading your windows. If you’re also considering other refurbishments in the New Year and are based in South-West London, think about upgrading your windows at the same time and you’ll save any future disruption. We’re happy to provide a free, no-obligation quotation for kitchen extensions and loft conversions. Please get in touch to kick-start ideas for a fresh home look next year. Thank you for reading.


Home Refurbishments London | 5 Reasons to Replace Double Glazing in Winter.

Home Refurbishments London | 5 Reasons to Replace Double Glazing in Winter.


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