5 Home Improvement Trend Predictions for 2020

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Posted on 4 December 2019

Houzz is the UK’s leading platform for renovation and home improvement and the team have recently forecasted the trends we’re likely to see in 2020. Having interviewed professional designers and scouring hundreds of interior design photos, read on this week for a Houzz insight into next year’s home improvement trends.


Sustainable Home Improvement Products

Sustainable products are frequently becoming a requested feature by most homeowners. According to Houzz, 15% stated they will be integrating green materials. This is great news for the planet with the word ‘Eco’ becoming one of the most searched terms of 2019. Designers have gladly risen to the challenge and they now put a focus on the life cycle of a product. With eco-materials set to continue in 2020, bamboo flooring is also starting to trend. Technically a fast-growing grass, bamboo is renewable and perfect for durable flooring.


Colourful, Marble and Dark Kitchens

Next year sees a kaleidoscope of kitchen colour and design. Homeowners want daring shades from green to black and are stepping away from the mundane. It also doesn’t stop there because marble is back again for unmissable luxury. The busier the better so choose strongly veined marble for a next-level kitchen style.


Bolder Bathrooms

Last year, bathrooms were one of the most renovated rooms in the UK so next year homeowners are raising the stakes as this desire only continues to grow. Luxury finishes and statement floor tiles are expected to be two of the biggest interior trends. If you’re more daring, however, it’s also predicted bathroom suites will be popular in pastel-colours.


Dark Interiors Like a Navy Bedroom

Another popular Google search term this year was surprisingly Navy bedroom and taking its cue from trendy black kitchens, the colour navy is going to be big in 2020. The colour blue also helps to aid more quality sleep and provide better well-being. Promoting contentment and helping the mind to relax, a navy bedroom will feel like a luxury hotel.


A Focus on Biophilic Design

Biophilic design is a way of integrating and connecting people to nature. It’s known to help reduce stress and enhance health which is a big focus for 2020. Decor that incorporates an organic palette is a key element of this trend. Plenty of plants, natural sunlight and views from skylights are additionally also key.  Over the past 35 years, there have been multiple studies on the benefits of this type of design. Biophilic Design can increase productivity levels and promote a therapeutic effect.


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Thank you for reading this week’s post which looks at next year’s home improvement trends. Whether you’d like to make small changes or overhaul your home, hopefully, this article has been a great help. With a community of millions of design professionals around the world, the team at Houzz know what they’re doing when it comes to renovating. To discuss a New Year project with Kluk Construction, you can get in touch with our team here. We too work with many expert designers so you can expect to see more collaborations in 2020. Thanks again.


Home Improvement Trends 2020

5 Home Improvement Trend Predictions for 2020.


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