A Guide to Planning Permission in South-West London

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Posted on 11 December 2019

If you’re looking to make alterations to your home, you may need planning permission. The process, however, can be pretty confusing, especially if you’re new to it all. Luckily, at Kluk Construction, we can help with everything you need to get started. This includes structural surveys, calculations and drawings plus help with planning permission. Basically, all you need to take a project from nothing and get it to the stage where building work can start. As a starting point, read on for our guide to planning permission in South-West London.


What is Planning Permission?

Planning permission is essentially asking to carry out a certain type of building work. Your local planning authority is responsible for this and able to grant or refuse applications. Once planning is granted this is often provided in the form of a building permit. There’s also two different types of planning, Full or Outline, the latter being permission in principle.


How Much Does it Cost to Apply?

The cost of submitting an application for planning varies across the UK. For a home extension in England, this is currently priced at £206. Obviously, new builds are different and will cost more if you’re looking to build from scratch. It’s also important to consider that costs can increase when you factor in design fees and accompanying surveys.


How Long Does it Last?

Unless your documentation says otherwise, granted planning is valid for around three years. This means that you have a set amount of time to begin building before the application expires. For projects such as kitchen extensions, it’s more than likely the work will get done in time but for much larger builds such as new homes, it’s best to reapply when the expiry date is imminent.


When Do I Need Planning Permission?

If your project involves building from scratch, planning permission is usually required. This also includes subdividing a home to convert a property into flats. Listed buildings and very large extensions are also likely to need planning permission, however, small renovations and home improvements can usually be done under Permitted Development.


More on Permitted Development Rights

Permitted development rights provide the chance to carry out work without planning permission. Most properties have these rights although it is best to check with your local authority. Essentially this means as a homeowner you could build an extension without needing planning permission. In May this year, the rules were also relaxed and the permitted extension size was actually increased. When it comes to flats and apartments in South-West London, we recommend you visit the Planning Portal. Work that falls under permitted development for a house is not the same for a maisonette or flat. Even minor changes will need planning, like replacing a window or external door. To find out more have a read of this guide before you make any alterations.


Planning Permission and House Value

One other thing to note about planning which is especially typical in London, homeowners often get approval for conversions that they don’t actually intend to do. Homes with guaranteed planning for a loft conversion, for instance, are sold at a much higher price. For buyers, this is better than a home that will never get planning due to the council or problematic neighbours.


Planning Permission in South-West London | Get in Touch for More Advice

Thank you for reading this week’s post on planning permission in South-West London. Whether you’re ready to submit an application or are just in talks, hopefully, this article has been a great help. Having an understanding of what the planners will likely approve will, no doubt, set you in good stead. If you’re not sure, however, please get in touch for a chat with our experienced team. Thanks again.


A Guide to Planning Permission in South-West London.

A Guide to Planning Permission in South-West London.


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