Refurbishments South-West London | 10 Updates That Don’t Need Planning

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Posted on 18 December 2019

Last week we wrote a guide to planning for refurbishments in South-West London. In this post, we mentioned some rights that are known as Permitted Development (PD). Provided they meet the criteria, it means some home improvements can actually be done without planning permission. Read on this week to find out if permitted development rights apply to your project.



Rooflights are a way to get more light and you can also install them under permitted development. Stipulations, however, say rooflights cannot sit more than 150mm from the plane of the roof.


Windows and Doors

Providing the appearance of a house isn’t materially altered, you can replace or add windows without needing planning permission. Provisions, however, apply to side windows which should be fitted with obscured glazing.


An Internal Redesign

Rearranging the rooms in your home is one easy way to make an old place feel new. You also won’t need planning permission for any structural changes such as adapting floors and removing walls. If you live in a listed property, then you will need planning permission to do refurbishment work. If it’s not listed, however, then you’re free to create a large kitchen-diner, extra bathrooms and more.


Loft Conversions

Surprisingly, most homeowners don’t know they can convert their loft without planning permission. There are still some guidelines to follow but as it’s mostly internal, it’s a conversion that’ll easily get you more space.


Single-Storey Extensions

If you’re craving more room, a single-storey extension can be built under permitted development. This is as long as the new extension doesn’t sit forward of the principal elevation and is kept within the size guidelines.


Multi-Storey Extensions

Two-storey extensions are also considered PD providing the build is at the rear of the property. In addition, two-storey extensions must not exceed 3m in depth or be within 7m of the rear boundary.


Basement Conversions

Although permitted development does not allow for any engineering works, thanks to a recent appeal, basement conversions are now under class A of these planning rights.


Swimming Pools

If you love the idea of summertime swims, a home swimming pool will be the dream! Luckily, you can build an external pool under permitted development provided that it doesn’t exceed 50% of the garden.


Converting Two Homes into One

Merging a pair of flats or semis is a great way to generate some more space. You might, therefore, be happy to learn that combing properties falls under permitted development. Unfortunately, however, these rights don’t apply if you intend to split a property in half. For this, you would need planning permission to divide a single property into two homes.


Change of Use to Residential

If you have fallen in love with a commercial building, it’s actually possible to convert this for residential use. The prior notification procedure, a form of PD, must be followed if you plan to convert an agricultural building.


Refurbishments South-West London | Will Your Project Need Planning?

Thank you for reading this week’s post on planning for refurbishments in South-West London. Whether you’re considering minor tweaks or a big transformation, hopefully, this article has been a great help. Able to provide a whole host of improvements from kitchen extensions to basement and loft conversions, if you have a project in mind please do get in touch for more advice on planning permission. Thanks again.


Refurbishments South-West London | 10 Updates That Don't Need Planning.

Refurbishments South-West London | 10 Updates That Don’t Need Planning.


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