What Time of Year is Best to Embark on a Loft Conversion?

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Posted on 30 December 2019

A brand new year is an ideal time to accomplish any personal goals and if a loft conversion just happens to be yours, at Kluk Construction, we can help. But which season is best to embark on the work? Most people usually lean towards summer. In this week’s post, we uncover some truths on the best time of year to do loft conversions.


Advantages of a Spring/Summer Loft Conversion

The summer months are deemed nice for building because it’s warmer and the days are longer. If you’re also looking to sell your home, a spring loft conversion could clinch a speedier sale. Light, bright walls will maximise space and appeal even more to buyers. Your garden will also look much healthier than in winter – great for taking property photos.


Spring/Summer Downsides to Consider

Obviously, summer is a very busy time for any type of renovation. When the sun comes out we’re motivated to revive and refresh our homes. As you can, therefore, imagine, loft conversions are up there as one of the most popular changes. Which is why waiting lists are long and you won’t get to enjoy it in summer until it’s actually done.


Advantages of an Autumn/Winter Loft Conversion

During the winter months, most building companies are quieter than they usually are. So if you were going to wait until spring or summer why not set the wheels in motion now? Most people also assume that winter is not a good time for loft conversions but this is actually a myth, it’s a great time of year and totally doable as well. A reputable company will be well-equipped to work any month year-round. The weather might be awful outside but your builder will keep your home safe from the elements. One other good thing about winter is that it’s great for quick and simple installations so when summer comes around you can actually enjoy your loft conversion with family and friends.


Autumn/Winter Downsides to Consider

Surprisingly, there are not many downsides to doing a loft conversion in winter. A good conversion company will prevent heat loss as well as they can during the colder months. Although your home will be sealed so no heat can escape whilst the work takes place, you may find it’s slightly colder than usual but not that much we promise.


Loft Conversion Timings in Summary

So, in a nutshell guys, it really comes down to what is best for you. There’s no right or wrong so it is best to plan a loft conversion around your families schedule. A reputable builder will also work to the same high standards, no matter the time of year so the great British weather really doesn’t matter – enjoy a loft conversion come rain or shine!


Planning a Loft Conversion in 2020? | Enquire to Find Out More!

Thank you for reading this week’s post on when is best to do a loft conversion. Whether you’d like a quote in winter, spring or summer, hopefully, this blog post has shed some light. If your home is lacking in space and you could do with more room, perhaps for storage or a luxury suite, please get in touch to discuss your options and take your home to that next level! Thank you again and a Happy New Year from all at Kluk Construction.


What Time of Year is Best to Embark on a Loft Conversion?

What Time of Year is Best to Embark on a Loft Conversion?


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