What is a Full Structural Survey?

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Posted on 22 January 2020

A building or a structural survey is a comprehensive look at a properties condition. It deals with any fundamental issues of a building’s structure and is vital when dealing with older properties. Building surveys also prevent potential disasters and unforeseen costs, giving homeowners more peace of mind. Helping you to work out if a property is worth the asking price or not, read on for more about structural surveys.


What is a Full Structural Survey?

A structural survey is an extensive inspection which looks at a building’s condition. Analysing certain aspects it details its state and addresses any potential concerns. They’re usually required for older properties and homes on the market that need or have had renovations. Make sure you choose a qualified surveyor, regulated by RICS to outline any property defects.


What This Building Survey Covers

A building survey is a thorough inspection of a property inside and out. This then results in a professional report, usually arriving 5 to 10 days after the initial survey. The surveyor will examine all of the visible areas including walls, floors, windows and roofs. They will also pay particular attention to any specific concerns, for instance, woodworm, damp and rot.


When a Full Structural Survey is Needed…

A structural survey can be carried out on pretty much any type of property. It is, however, more often used when purchasing a house over fifty years old. Any age-related defects and hidden damage will be reviewed and detailed in full. This survey is also useful for unusual buildings or properties built with uncommon materials. If you also plan on undertaking any renovations like an extension, this survey will certainly be a worthwhile investment. For more information, have a read of this guide for the different types of homebuyer surveys.


… And How Much They Actually Cost

In terms of the cost for a structural survey, it really depends on the size of the property. It also widely varies depending on the condition – properties in a poor state will take longer to complete. Accessibility is also important as limited access could potentially increase costs. These are all factors you should be considering if you’re thinking about getting a quote.


How Long Does a Structural Survey Take?

Taking anywhere between 4 to 8 hours, the length of time depends on the size of the property. The report, however, is usually completed within 5 to 10 working days. This report will reveal to you whether the survey discovered any minor or major defects. It will lastly provide you with recommendations of what to do next and any repair costs.


Finding a Reliable Surveyor

Thank you for reading this week’s post to learn more about structural surveys. We hope this guide has been very helpful and you’re now feeling well informed. If it’s a full structural survey you need, at Kluk Construction, we can assist with the investigation. Please get in touch to find out more and get expert help where it really matters! Thank you for reading.


What is a Full Structural Survey?

What is a Full Structural Survey?


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