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Posted on 25 September 2019

When it comes to kitchen extensions there’s many types and there’s one suitable for every home but how do you know which ones best for yours? There are many different ways to extend a home. So if you’re planning to extend your kitchen this year, we’ve written this post as a helpful guide. Read on to learn more about different kitchen extensions and the types of properties they work well with.


Rear Kitchen Extensions for Semi-Detached

The semi-detached home is a classic part of South-West London’s streetscapes. You’ll also find them in towns and cities across England, single storey or several storeys high. If your property is detached or semi-detached, a rear kitchen extension will work in your favour and from a spatial perspective, it’s relatively easy to create a much larger living zone. Remodelling this type of property, however, is not without its challenges but it’s a rewarding project that’ll benefit you and your family for years to come.


Side Return for Terraced Properties

Modern families can often outgrow the average-sized terraced house. Side return kitchen extensions are, therefore, able to make use of the disused part of the property. This type of extension is typically found on mid-terraced houses, infilling the passage to the rear and side of the property. They also offer terrific potential, transforming dark rooms into generously laid out, open spaces. Two-storey side return extensions will also result in more square footage. Our team would build this as a kitchen extension to create an open-plan kitchen-diner.


Wrap-Around for End-of-Terrace

If you live in an end-terrace, you may have more options in terms of kitchen extensions. A wrap-around, for instance, is a side return combined with a rear extension. It’s an option that gains maximum room, dramatically altering the shape of a home and it connects the garden, achieving a flow for indoor-outdoor living. Wrap-around extensions are also ideal for large families and entertaining. You can even incorporate more rooms for extra storage or even a boot room for after dog walks.


Kitchen Extensions for Mews Houses

Mews houses were traditionally built in the late 19th century. Their original purpose was to stable horses with staff also living above. It’s also the sort of property that appeals to buyers who want to live close to town but if space is an issue these cottage-style homes can be extended above or below. In this particular article, a London homeowner has added a roof extension to his mews home. The result is a sleek upgrade albeit discreet and a mews home with an extra floor.


Contact Kluk Construction for Kitchen Extensions

Thank you for reading this week’s post on kitchen extensions and property types. At Kluk Construction, we’re specialists in South-West London for kitchen extensions, no matter the style. We’re also experienced in creating the feeling of more space, some homes are not made for a large extension. We achieve this through well-thought-out design and making the most of the space that is already there.

If you’re longing for more family room or perhaps somewhere to dine that doesn’t feel cramped, contact our adept team to construct the home you desire, why not get in touch for your free quotation?



Kitchen Extensions South-West London

Kitchen Extensions – South-West London | Contact Kluk Construction for your Free Quotation.



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