Bathroom Design – South-West London | 5 Ways to Improve Property Value

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Posted on 11 September 2019

Hello and welcome to our second article; Bathroom Design in South-West London. In this week’s post, we explore how bathroom renovations can boost property value. From his and hers sinks to large-format tiles, some of these suggestions may come as a surprise but follow these tips and you could potentially increase the overall worth of your home… 


Choose Neutral Colours with Large-Format Tiles

Gone are the days of gaudy tiles and avocado bathroom suites, now it’s all about having a balance with homeowners opting for white over bright. So when it comes to great bathroom design, make sure to stick with a palette of neutral colours. It’s a nonbias choice that will appeal to most buyers especially when paired with good lighting. One other thing that you may not have expected is simple but very effective. Large-format tiles will go a long way, especially marble with crisp, neat grouting.


Ensure your Bathroom Design has Plenty of Storage

Often space in the bathroom is at a premium, especially for everyday products. Good bathroom storage is, therefore, key like cabinets near the bath or shower. Bathroom shelving will also make the room feel larger because any unsightly clutter can be tidied away. Heated towels racks are additionally a bonus for buyers as are built-in units for those awkward corners.


Install His and Hers Sinks

If you really want your bathroom design to make an impact on property value, consider installing his and hers sinks, even if you don’t think that you’ll use them both. Luxury amenities are on the rise with homeowners seeking both convenience and style. It’ll also make an unforgettable feature should you come to sell your home, encouraging those buyers to make a generous offer. His and hers sinks are additionally easy to install, even in a small bathroom. Choose from either two separate basins that are side by side or a double basin that connects to the same pipes.


Smart Showers with Ambient Lighting

As with all appliances, after a while, showers can start to look worn so if you haven’t updated yours for a while now is a good time to get started. A brand new shower will transform your bathroom, make it more inviting, cleaner and brighter. Then there are the many different gadgets in relation to smart showers like rain showerheads, ambient lighting and jet systems. With so many options, however, it can also get baffling but the shower is definitely a bathroom deal breaker so if you’d like to learn more, have a read of this guide on the key types of showers and also enclosures.


Extend for Better Bathroom Design

If it’s possible at all why not consider extending your current bathroom? Even slightly more space can greatly increase your properties overall value. Of course, there’s a lot to contemplate with this renovation such as reworking plumbing and bathroom layout but look on the bright side, you could even end up with a rather impressive and desirable wet room!


Bathroom Design – South-West London; Enquire with Kluk Construction

Thank you for reading this week’s post exploring bathroom design in South-West London. Whether you’re thinking of selling your home in the future or present it’s always good to know you can get the highest price possible. Please stay tuned over the next few weeks, as we bring you everything from basements conversions to kitchens but in the meantime if you require help with your bathroom design we’d love to help you explore all options. Thank you for reading.


Bathroom Design - South-West London | 5 Ways to Improve Property Value

Bathroom Design – South-West London | 5 Ways to Improve Property Value


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