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If you are thinking of embarking on a new building project or renovation of an old property in Chelsea, Kluk Construction is the company you need to call upon. The process of a building project can be significantly big and with various aspects so you need a construction company or a contractor who can bring your vision to life. They also need to be able to have control of the entire process from start to finish to direct any hassle away from the client.

It is evident that when you have a construction assignment at hand, you may come across a few challenges or unexpected events. This is why you need a Chelsea-based contractor to conduct the project well by handling these issues accordingly to produce ideal results.


Our experts also have significant experience in development which proves to be an added advantage to the clients. This is because they can also research on the local market and tell the client if the potential real estate site is sensible in terms of the market.

A survey will also be conducted on the land on which the site is located to determine if it is fit for a construction project. Our builders will do their part in getting the necessary permits and they are skilled beyond the construction spectrum allowing them to supervise the builders and subcontractors, check on the relevant regulations and the work progress.

All these roles and more allow our professionals to contribute accordingly in building high-quality real estate.

We work hand in hand with relevant vendors and experts such as specialty contractors, architects, bathroom and kitchen designers, and building designers just to name a few. Our team is well aware that they are charged with the task of making sure the building project they undertake falls within the client’s specified timeline as much as possible.

This is especially true for change orders.

Luxury Chelsea Builders – Kluk construction are also gifted with interpersonal skills enabling them to handle all kinds of clients accordingly and deal with any arising conflicts.

We know how stressful home improvement project can be for the client and part of our job is to eliminate this stress by doing the best job to the client’s requirements. We have worked with various Chelsea residents and they have come to appreciate all we have to offer in terms of services. Our skills range from redecoration, repair, building from scratch to renovation so you can be sure we are well versed in catering to any kind of building project.

If you are looking for high-quality service at reasonable rates within Luxury Chelsea Builders, Kluk construction is the company you can depend on.

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