Kluk Construction offers a complete range of gas and heating services to provide complete comfort and total functionality to your new or renovated home.

All of our trained and experienced engineers are Gas Safe Registered, and constantly take advantage of professional development opportunities to ensure that you receive the highest quality of service in your home.

Our Heating services Include:

  • Installation of central heating systems
  • Boiler fitting and repairs
  • Tanks fitting
  • Underfloor heating water & electric
  • Air-conditioning pumps & systems
  • Heating system repairs and upgrades
  • Heating efficiency surveys
  • CP12 Landlord Gas Safety Certificates

We can also power flush your existing system, eliminating corrosion build-up that can impede its efficiency. Afterward, your radiators heat up properly and the working life of the system is increasing, keeping heating costs low and performance levels high.
As an industry-leading gas and electric installer, Kluk Construction provides 24-hour support for your heating requirements and can arrive at your home quickly, when you need us. We also offer highly competitive warranties on state-of-the-art systems and components, ensuring that your home enjoys superior heating at a rate that’s as comfortable as the rooms.

Call us today for a free quote and design proposal CALL 07429 188 736.

The importance of getting professional plumbing services

Heating is essential to the home especially during the colder months. This is why you need to make sure your heating appliances and systems are maintained properly so they remain in good condition to run when temperatures are low. In order to keep heating systems maintained and in good condition, they will require regular servicing from accredited professionals. Kluk construction is the best option for all your heating services courtesy of our trained professionals who are also well equipped. You are better off leaving the work to the professionals instead of opting to service your own heating system to avoid coming across unpleasant circumstances. An improperly conducted repair will leave your home vulnerable to electrical issues or carbon monoxide leaks which could lead to an explosion. Our professionals will take your home’s safety very seriously and that is why you are better off letting them deal with your heating service requirements.

Safety is our main priority when undertaking your heating maintenance services considering it is the main concern for your home. Repairing electrical-powered or gas-powered heater such as a boiler or furnace comes with dangers such as high-voltage shock or exposure to harmful chemicals.

Often, by doing an amateur repair on your heating system you could end up causing more problems for the system and you will have to call in a professional to fix it anyway. Save yourself the extra step and call on Kluk Heating professionals for services. A professional will do the job correctly the first time saving you money you could have spent on damage control for a series of malfunctions.

Our professionals will perform repairs on a heating system and take the necessary measurements to confirm whether it is in working condition afterwards. If you depend on an amateur job, you will not be able to know if the heater works properly until later on, at which point it probably need more repairs.

Servicing your heating appliances or system accordingly with the help of a professional will offer you reliability and sound performance. A heating system that has been serviced by a professional in good time will serve you for longer so you will not have to incur costs on constant maintenance.

It also pays to maintain your heating equipment regularly as you will save a lot of money with time. Heating units run very well after servicing and their performance improves significantly; this will result in a lower electricity bill in comparison to appliances that are not serviced. Servicing will also reduce replacement costs and the cost of repairs meaning your heating system and appliances will have a longer life span.

With Kluk construction, you are assured that your heating services will be taken care of accordingly and we will ensure you are satisfied with our services so call us today for a free quote.


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