Carpet Fitting by Kluk Construction

A warm and heat-efficient home literally starts from the floor up. Fitting carpet over an otherwise cold floor is a cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing way of making your home more comfortable and cosy all year round.

Let Kluk Construction help you select the perfect carpeting scheme for your newly-built or renovated property. We will provide you with a collection of gorgeous textures, colours, and patterns to choose from, and both deliver and install whatever you need, from quality reproductions to one-of-a-kind bespoke flooring solutions. Every quality carpet fitting we do is made from carefully selected quality materials that will stand up to years of regular foot traffic.

Can’t decide between wall-to-wall carpeting or a distinctive area rug in a particular room? Our decorating specialists can discuss your concerns and ideas and deliver a personalised solution that exceeds your expectations. We take a sincere interest in all homes where we work, and it will be our pleasure to help you choose a carpet or rug that complements the surrounding furniture while protecting your floors.


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Carpet Fitting – What To Consider Before Buying

Carpets have been used to cover floors for decades now, and it is a more affordable way to introduce softness, color, and texture in a room.  It is a thick covering for the floor that is usually made of synthetic fibers or woven wool that is used to cover part or the entire surface of the floor, and they do come in different colors, shapes, patterns, and motifs which make them look beautiful. Carpets have been used for various purposes such as making a room feel cozy, keep the feet warm from the floor, you can sit on them and reduce noise while walking.

For quality carpet fitting important is to choose from various types of carpets in the market that you can choose from and below are what you should consider before getting a new carpet for your space.



Carpet Fitting – The use of the room:

The room that you will be placing the carpet is important as it determines the style and grade of carpet that will work best for you. Ask yourself how the room is going to be used, is there light or heavy traffic in the room and is there direct access into the room from outside?  For example, it would be best to get a stain resistant carpet for your dining room so that it is easy to remove any accidental spills.

Carpet Fitting – Color and style

Light colored carpets make the room appear larger and dark colored carpets make the room seem cozier.  However, ask yourself, how much is the room being used are kids playing in the room, the lighting of the room and is it a large or small room?  Choose a carpet that matches your existing décor and a color that will relate with your mood, for example, cool tones provide a sense of calmness while warm colors make one feel energized.

Carpet Fitting –  Which Carpet ? 

Carpets are now even made from various types of technology, and this makes the difference in pricing. Before buying check on the quality by bending the carpet sample slightly backward and if you see the backing, then it is of low quality as it has a low density. It should also have at least a face weight of about 24 to 40oz, a density rating of 2,000 or more, a tuft twist of 5 or higher and a texture retention warranty of about 10 years.

Carpet Fitting – Which Underlay ?

Carpets need to withstand the amount of pressure, absorb sound and also act as an insulation to control the temperature and this is through adequate padding. The right padding is determined by the density as it extends the carpets life.  High traffic areas will require a carpet with a heavy padding of about 3/8 to ½ inch thick and a density weight of 6lbs and lesser traffic areas less padding with a lesser density of about 8lbs.

Carpet Fitting – And Costs ?

The size of the room, the style, and grade of the carpet, the fiber used to make the carpet, installation are some of the things that will determine the cost of the carpet. Don’t blow your budget, but get a carpet that matches your lifestyle and budget and also the location and use of the carpet.



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