Installing high-quality, energy-efficient windows is an excellent investment in your home. But you want -and deserve- the best quality window to lighten your interior spaces, as well as a professional installation by qualified and insured professionals. That’s where we can surpass your expectations.
When it comes to specialty windows, Kluk Construction leads the industry in design, manufacturing, and customer service. Our windows come in a variety of styles and designs, to ensure flawless compatibility with whatever type home you own: vintage, modern, or futuristic.


  • Carefully made to measure
  • ‘A’ energy rating as standard, keeping you comfortable without the added cost
  • Double glazing for added energy-efficiency, insulation, and noise reduction, enhancing your enjoyment of your home
  • Manufactured from state-of-the-art frames and components
  • A carefully crafted design to suit every specification

Kluk Construction provides quality windows for both new build projects and existing homes.  We are also specialists in window installations for historical properties, ensuring that modern comforts do not detract from the atmosphere you wish to preserve.
We commit to working with you to achieve premium results and the highest level of satisfaction possible.

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Window Replacement Basics.

Replacement of windows is one of the few odd and infrequent home improvement items in the home. Typically, on most occasions, your window is not replaced in its entirety. Usually what gets replaced often are the moving parts and the glass but the framed section of the window remains in place.

There are instances, however, when the damage to the sections around the window becomes too damaged that a new window needs to be constructed. In this instance, the area around the window has rotted away due to weather elements thus the need for a new window and frame to hold the window in place.

Here are some factors to consider when replacing windows in your home:

Single Hung Vs Double Hung Windows

Both single hung and double hung windows have a lower pane/sash that slides upward and you can unlatch the window when it becomes too hot in the house. For single hung windows, the upper pane is fixed in place, only the lower panes slide up and down.

For double hung windows, both panes can move making them ideal for windows located in upper story floors. This quality also allows you to clean the windows from the inside of the house. If you have little children in the house, you can then open only the upper pane.

Single hung windows are cheaper than double hung windows and they have fewer moving parts making them less prone to breaking down.


Replacement Vs Fixing a Window

Not all scenarios warrant a complete overhaul of your windows. Do proper research and hire an expert who can properly advise you on whether your windows need a simple fix or a complete replacement is necessary.

Be careful not to jump the gun as this can lead to unnecessary costs incurred which could have been avoided. For instance, the seals of the double-glazed windows may have worn down with age and are allowing cold or heat to escape easily. A simple replacement of the window seals is sufficient to fix the problem.

You can also get your window replacement in any season whether it’s during the cold season, in ice, snow, winter, anything except during a blizzard. Though to be fair, if the technician is working under extreme conditions he may rush through the job leading to a sub-standard result.

Research on when is the best time to get your windows replaced. Avoid doing so when everyone else is also replacing their windows as you may find yourself stuck at the end of a long queue.

Hire a Professional

Window replacement is not a DIY project. Hire a professional window technician who has mastered the basics and knows the tricks of the day. You may be tempted to put up a couple of windows yourself by but by the time you get past your learning curve, you could have saved yourself some time and maybe even some materials in the long run. Hire an expert and make the entire process worthwhile.