Have you purchased a new home that needs a little work to make it ‘yours’ or do you simply want to give your current house a much-needed facelift? If so, Kluk Construction can manage the entire project for you, from planning to work to completion. We have years of experience in providing quality and classy refurbishments to:

  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Extensions
  • Older properties (barns, coach houses)
  • New Builds

We can transform your home’s exterior by installing custom-designed doors and windows and adding brickwork and decking. Inside, our skilled tradespeople are experts in achieving stunning transformations by moving walls and doors and creating beautiful new kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms. If you’re looking for extra space, talk to us about adding an extension, porch, or conservatory.
Kluk Construction has a refurbishment project portfolio that includes everything from ultramodern flats to terraced family homes to aged period properties that are reborn as cosy character-laden dwellings. At all stages of every project, we comply with local building regulations and employ qualified and experienced tradespeople.
You may not have the home you want right now, when once you engage Kluk Construction, you soon will.

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Great Ideas to Refurbish Your Home.

There are different and creative ways to refurbish your home and give it a facelift or add a bit more of your personality.

Replace the front door

In addition to giving your door a coat of paint, you can also get a new door altogether. A sturdy quality door styled with your own design is a great way to make a first impression in your home.

Kitchen tiles

Give your kitchen an instant facelift by getting new floor tiles and a new benchtop. Laminate is one of the simplest and most affordable kitchen benchtops to work with. Go for bold tiles to give a striking high-cost impression.

Restore old and chipped floor tiles and have a professional cleaning company restore your floors to their former glory.

Chic shutters

Shutters have a way of making a statement in any room without going over the top. Go for smart and chic shutters that offer adequate privacy and filter light. You can also combine the shutters with light drapes to give the room an airy and cool atmosphere.

With regards to curtains, go for unlined curtain panels that are more affordable and easier to make. The fewer or no pleats the lesser the fabric you will need and you can then choose a more luxurious option.

Upgrade your shower

Transform your shower into a haven of luxury. Install a wide showerhead with lots of pressure to give you that massage feeling when you are in the shower. You can also install taps in the middle of the tub for that spa-like experience.

Another way of transforming your shower into a glossy feel is to install sleek glass panels as an alternative to bathroom tiles. Glass panels are easy to clean and do not go gray and they add an instant flair to your bathroom.

Alcove shelving

There is no such thing as too much storage space. Make use of alcove shelving to create more shelving and transform small and difficult corners into functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces.

Add a skylight

Craving for some sunshine in the house? Adding a skylight is an incredibly and clever way to bring in tons of sunshine into the house and transform a dark and gloomy room into a bright cheery space.

Add a fireplace

Fireplaces are a symbol of comfort and warmth and are a focal space in any room. You may not need to replace a marble fireplace but you get yourself a cast-iron model at a reasonable price.


Carpets and Rugs

Think out of the box when it comes to carpets and rugs. Instead of doing the same old neutral shades, go for ice-cream colours for a trendy look. You can also choose soft wool fabric for wooden flooring that is simply delightful to sink your feet into.

Looking for a unique rug? Why not design one yourself. Link up with different companies who can help you create the perfect rug.