You’ve already chosen the fixtures and fittings for your brand-new kitchen and / or bathroom. Now let us get it all working for you.
Kluk Construction offers expert plumbing services for both new construction properties and kitchen or bathroom renovations. Installation services include:

  • Bathroom fitting
  • Shower installations
  • Kitchen fitting
  • General plumbing

We put a team of the best tradesmen in the industry at your disposal to create a bespoke kitchen or bathroom that will showcase your home to its best advantage.
We use professional tilers who work with the best quality materials, from polished marble to handcrafted tiles, to deliver elegant, welcoming results.

Kluk Construction also provides expert repair and replacement support:

  • Servicing and repairing water pipes
  • Repairing and replacing taps and cold water storage tanks
  • Fixing leaks and drips

Our experienced team of plumbers are available to support you when you need us, so if you experience any issues, expert assistance is only a phone call away. Kluk Construction is here to ensure that your kitchen and bathroom always function as beautifully as they look.

Call us today for a free quote and design proposal CALL 0207 101 3916.

The importance of getting professional plumbing services

The internet has made it very easy for homeowners to take plumbing issues into their own hands with tutorial videos on YouTube and how-to articles all over the internet. This should not be so as such jobs are best left in the care of professionals. Hiring professional plumbing services has more advantages aside from allowing someone else to deal with your plumbing issues. Some of the advantages of allowing professionals such as Kluk Construction to deal with your plumbing include getting a guarantee, not having to buy equipment and tools, saving money, fixing all your issues in one visit, professional advice, and experience in problematic jobs.

Professionals in plumbing have experience handling difficult projects and jobs. Some plumbing issues may come across as simple but others can prove to be difficult or complex to diagnose. As a homeowner, you might find a difficult problem to be far beyond your skillset. Kluk construction plumbers have the significant experience required to handle any difficult plumbing issues they come across. A professional plumber can diagnose a problem, provide solutions, and conduct repairs accordingly so you do not have to. When you hire professional plumbing services, you will get expert advice on how to improve the plumbing system in your home.

Most homeowners cannot deal with all the issues in their home at once mostly because of time constraints. When you hire Kluk Plumbers, you can be sure they will fix all your plumbing problems during one visit. This will be preferable as opposed to spending your evenings or weekends dealing with the plumbing when you could be doing something else. Hiring professional plumbing is beneficial in that it will offer long-term protection for your home by maintaining the plumbing in excellent condition.

Doing your own plumbing comes with hidden costs such as the money spent buying speciality tools. You may end up spending a lot buying the necessary tools for the job or damaging the plumbing further by using incorrect tools. A professional plumber will do the job hastily and effectively, as they are equipped with all the necessary tools to do the job without creating any more damage.

Professional plumbing services come with a guarantee on the work done as opposed to when you do it yourself. This means that if the problem resurfaces, you will need to handle it again and probably buy new supplies in the process. A professional from Kluk will guarantee the work they do on your property so that if the issue resurfaces within the specified guarantee duration, all you need to do is call us.



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