It’s often said that the kitchen is the most important room in the house. Not only is it where you cook, it’s also where you spend most of your time. When completed or renovated to a high standard, the kitchen adds significantly to the value of your home. That’s why we focus on creating a social space that is bright, clean, and attractive.
Our qualified and experienced interior designers will ensure that your kitchen creates the vibe you want, from elegant vintage to sleek ultramodern. The result will be an appealing combination of practical and inviting, with smart design principles applied to make ideal use of light and space.

Our kitchen design and construction service includes:

  • Consultation and layout advice
  • Classic and traditional wooden kitchens
  • Contemporary high-gloss finishes
  • Matching worktops, handles, and accessories

All materials used in our kitchen construction and renovation projects are of the finest quality and installed in faithful accordance with the design you choose. This ensures that the end result is exactly what you envisioned as your dream kitchen – only better.

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How to Design the Perfect Kitchen.

The kitchen is one of the most crucial rooms in the house and as the old saying goes, kitchens sell houses! The kitchen is the heart and soul of the home and getting your perfect kitchen means that family and friends can enjoy spending quality time together and creating beautiful memories.

The following are important factors to take into consideration to create your ideal kitchen:

  1. Layout is key

A good kitchen layout makes it easy for you to carry out your kitchen roles such as cooking, washing up and eating in the most efficient and convenient way possible. The three most fundamental features in any kitchen are the sink, the cooking area, and the fridge. Placing these three features in a triangle reduces foot traffic and ensures that it is as practical and safe to work in the kitchen.

Consider therefore where you want to do your cooking and where to place that fridge. Are you able to keep an eye on the kids whilst you cook? The placement and layout of windows and doors, high traffic area and how high the ceiling is must also be carefully considered. A lot of natural light streaming into the kitchen makes it airy and pleasant to work in.

  1. Define your kitchen style

Maintain the overall theme of the house in the kitchen for a consistent look and feel. If your house has a modern look, a white kitchen with modern furnishings and perhaps a flush door works best. Your flooring should also complement the walls and the ceilings.

  1. Storage and Access

Good storage makes a kitchen look neat and tidy and easy to clean. You can incorporate different types of storage units such as overhead wall cabinets, under-bench cabinets, tall cabinets with either drawers or doors.

Easy-to-slide drawers are a great option to save you energy when retrieving items from the back of a cupboard however they tend to cost more. Innovative slide-out and pull-out pantries can be strategically placed in difficult corners.

  1. Benchtops

The kitchen benchtop is one of the most used surfaces in the house and there are a variety of looks and materials to choose from. From man-made stone surfaces to synthetic surfaces to marble and granite, choose a material that works best for your needs, your budget and your overall design.

  1. Kitchen Appliances

For cooktops, it is usually advisable to install the widest option within your budget because they are used a lot more frequently than ovens. There are also a variety of finishes to choose from such as glass, stainless and enamel and can either be electrical, gas or induction. Go for an easy-to-clean oven or a pyrolytic oven that cleans itself.

Sinks handle the harshest work in the kitchen and so you need to be extra careful when buying your kitchen sink. Avoid cheap sinks because they scratch easily and tarnish in no time. Go for a high-quality durable sink that will serve you well.