Kluk Construction uses a team of skilled and experienced NICEIC electricians to carry all necessary electrical work in your home, from placing a new plug socket to a complete rewiring of the entire property to PAT testing. They can also undertake electrical test inspections and both diagnose and detect faults on existing systems.

All of our electricians have an excellent track record for delivering superior quality electrical works in accordance with applicable building regulations and British Standard. When they work in your home, they do so with minimum disruption and always leave the serviced areas clean and tidy afterwards, giving you one less thing to worry about.

All appointments are made according to your schedule, and our electrical workmanship comes with a full written guarantee. A beautiful, well-lit and high-performance home is only a phone call away.

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Know Why You Would Need To Call An Electrician

House wiring can be complicated and dangerous if not handled well. That is why you need to understand the electrical fixtures and wiring rules before handling any work.  It is important to respect any electrical work, and it starts by making sure that your main power supply is switched off before working as it can hurt or kill you.  Most homes have basic house wiring, i.e. the single phase power where there are two hot wires and one neutral coming into them.  The standard voltage received is 230/115 volts, and this allows small electric devices and lights and also the heavy duty items such as the dryers and the water tanks to run

It is possible to work on electrical work by yourself if you do have a good understanding of how it works and safe work practice, but it is nice to get an electrician to work things out.  Fixing your own wiring may cost you your life, or you may make errors that will cost you a lot. An electrician has been trained in handling electrical wires, systems, and devices and can work on the construction of a new home or repair anything electrical.  They know the best way to install electric wires and breaker boxes, what is wrong with a device and they will ensure that the work is done safely and meets the relevant safety standards.

There are various reasons why you would need the services of an electrician and these include:

  • If the circuit breaker keeps on tripping and the fuse keeps on blowing as this means that there is much current flowing and the circuit breaker can’t prevent electrical overload. The circuits will then cause the fuse to melt, or the breakers will open automatically.  You will need to add technologies such as ACFI and GCFI so as to add to the safety.
  • If your lights do appear dim when any appliances such as clothes dryers, refrigerators are turned on as they need the extra power.  The fluctuation of power can damage any sensitive equipment in the long run.  Your lights also may be flickering, one is brighter than the other, and this is a sign of faulty connections.
  • You need extra electrical outlets rather than using extension cords which run under your furniture or rugs which may be a hazard. You may also need additional electric outlets if there are too many things that have to be plugged into one location, hence creating a more current demand than it can handle. Additional electrical outlets mean that there will be a need for new wiring.
  • Older homes have old wiring systems, hence need to be rewired to prevent safety issues and meet the new code standards of installation. For example, you will need to change your power outlets from two- prong outlets to three-prong plugs which prove an extra safety measure against electric shock. If your wiring is getting old and crumbling and they need to be upgraded as they can be hazardous.