All Kluk Construction carpentry professionals specialise in a wide variety of carpentry work, from simple shelving to intricate panel designs. Their artistic eye and precise approach have created bespoke joinery and carpentry solutions for kitchens, bathrooms, and living areas in some of the most upscale homes in the city.

From kitchen cabinets and bathroom shelving to bespoke projects in exclusive addresses, we have the skills and creative means to accomplish any project. All of our carpentry work is made to measure, so you’re guaranteed a perfect fit the first time around.

Many people dread the carpentry phase of their home renovation projects due to the expected noise and mess, but our team avoids all unnecessary disruptions and leaves the work area clean and tidy before leaving for the day.

Kluk Construction is pleased to provide ongoing carpentry support after project completion. Emergency support is available for windows, doors, and fixtures that suffer damage due to accidents or home invasions. We want you to enjoy your home long after work is complete, so don’t hesitate to call if we can help.

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How To Choose The Right Carpenter

Carpentry is the skill of working with wood, cutting, shaping and putting together the wood so as to build an object, furniture or a house. The use of timber as a building material or to make varies objects is a much cheaper option than using glass, tiles or concrete.  It makes a home look cozy and homely due to its superior aesthetic properties as it can be polished and glossed. You can make various designs much easily on wood, hence creating more beautiful designs.

There is a lot that  is involved in carpentry work, and it is divided into two classes, i.e.  rough carpentry is the type of carpentry that doesn’t require a fine finish in cases of framing and roofing and finish carpentry which requires a fine finish to make the work clean, neat and finely detailed. It is possible to do some of the carpentry work DIY while other works will require a professional person i.e. a carpenter.

If you need some carpentry work done in your home or office, you need a committed and a professional person who will give you what you want. Below is how to pick the right carpenter:

  • Should have adequate knowledge and skills– a carpenter should have appropriate carpentry skills and be able to work on a project whether simple or complex. They should also possess the knowledge, know-how about their profession, tools and about how different types of wood can be used and affect their clients. Always check on the credentials to make sure that the individual is qualified, licensed ad insured before they start working.  You can ask around or check the internet for references and the type of work they have done before.
  • Know what kind of carpenter you want– different carpenters specialize in various woodwork, so it is important to get the right person for the job. For example, if you need trimming or molding work it would best to get a finish carpenter than a rough carpenter. Give more details about what you want and let them draw if possible.
  • Cost– different carpentry works will cost differently so ensure you get a quotation from at least three carpentry companies for the work that you need done and choose the one that suits you best. The quotation should have no hidden costs and should include everything i.e. cost of material, labor. However, don’t choose a carpenter just because of low-cost but make sure that they are using high-quality materials and offer high-quality services.
  • Availability– you need a carpenter who will concentrate on your work only till it is finished. Work should also be completed within a reasonable time frame, and he should be punctual and reliable so as to avoid causing any inconveniences, especially if it needs to be done before any other work continues.
  • Equipment- every carpenter should have the right equipment for the work they are doing, and you should not be asked to buy any tools. If they are coming with any materials, check on the quality of the wood to avoid using cheap quality wood than what was in the quotation.