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basement conversion
By 1 April 2020

From great communication to a party wall agreement, we have you covered in this week’s post. Read on for how to stay friends with neighbours when undertaking a basement conversion.

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refurbishments south-west London
By 26 March 2020

At Kluk Construction, our speciality is refurbishments South-West London. Whether that’s a new kitchen extension or loft conversion, read on for our guide to choosing new flooring.

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bathrooms south-west london
By 18 March 2020

As a nation, we’re living much longer according to UK National Statistics. If you’d like to learn more read on for our guide to designing a future-proof bathroom.

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By 12 March 2020

A dilemma most homeowners face at some point is whether to move or improve their home. Read on this week to weigh up the facts, here’s an honest look at home remodelling.

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structural calculations
By 4 March 2020

As the name suggests, structural engineers play a key role in the development of buildings. If you’re carrying out renovations read on for our guide to structural calculations and drawings.

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sustainable refurbishment
By 26 February 2020

If you’re looking to carry out refurbishments in South-West London, have you thought about any sustainable measures? Here are our top 5 tips for a successful project, helping to increase your home’s efficiency too.

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luxury paint
By 19 February 2020

A fresh coat of luxury paint is the easiest way to achieve a superior home makeover. Read on this week for 5 top brands that deliver the best possible finish.

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By 14 February 2020

There’s alot to consider when you embark on home extensions. Whether you’re growing your kitchen or making more living space, the chances are that your main focuses will include things like interior square footage, finishes, and more. Sadly, many homeowners fail to think about essentials such as roof construction. Yet, given that this can have

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By 14 February 2020

With a recent Nationwide survey claiming that loft conversions can add an average 21% of value to a London home, it’s hardly surprising we’re all scrambling to make the most of this benefit. As if the extra £100,000 wasn’t enough, loft conversions of all shapes and sizes are a fantastic way to add unfounded amounts

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structural engineer
By 13 February 2020

From problem-solving to protecting our safety, the role of a structural engineer is key. Read on this week to find out more and discover whether you will need one for your project.

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