Renovating your bathroom not only adds substantially to the value of your home. It also personalises and adds beauty and elegance to your living space.
Whether you are looking for a traditional, futuristic, or completely unique bathroom, we offer a convenient and customised design and build service that includes:

  • Consultation and advice on layout
  • Wide range of materials
  • Custom colour schemes
  • Creative fitting and fixture selection (includes tile layout options)
  • Lighting and accessory selection

Kluk Construction has an industry-renowned team of innovative-thinking designers and licensed tradespeople who will bring a wealth of experience, quality, and professionalism to your project. We will work closely with you to transform your wishes and ideas into reality and create a bathroom that thoroughly compliments your home.
In terms of price per square footage, bathrooms are one of the most expensive rooms to build or transform. With the associated pipes and fittings, they are also comparatively intricate to install. Kluk Construction saves you money by getting everything right the first time. As bathroom design and renovation specialists, we ensure that the project runs smoothly and is delivered under budget.
Let us combine beauty and function to deliver a private space where layout and décor will indulge your senses and leave you inspired and refreshed.

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Your Dream Bathroom.

Getting your dream bathroom requires careful planning of space, lighting and the right combination of materials and textures. The following are expert tips for making your dream bathroom come true.

Function First

Your bathroom is one of the hardest working spaces in the house and it should be just as functional as it is aesthetic. Keep in mind the important functions of the sink, shower, toilet, tub and other pieces. Storage space should be in plenty as the bathroom is where you begin to prepare for the day.


Designing a bathroom floor plan is critical because plumbing considerations must be taken account which will impact the bathroom space. This determines where the toilet, the sink, and the tub are placed. Proper planning ensures an adequate and functional space.

Make it Relaxing

Besides being functional, your bathroom should be a relaxing space where you look forward to unwinding and wash off the cares of the day. Incorporate a little luxury in your bathroom space with a little clever planning to make it a small haven of delightful luxury. For example, you can have taps in the middle of your tub to give it that spa feeling. A walk-in shower coupled with a large showerhead makes for relaxing shower times.


Select your theme

How do you want to feel when you enter your bathroom? For instance, for more formal spaces, a black and white scheme is most appropriate while for casual spaces, neutral colors work perfectly.

You can also add water-oriented motifs in your bathrooms such as seashells, mermaids, and sandy beach colors to give your bathroom a distinct personality.

You can also incorporate different architectural themes in line with your personality to give distinct styles such as a New England cottage or the classic English country or even experiment with a bohemian or Asian feel.

Know Your Surfaces

You should research and understand the different types of materials that will be in your bathroom and the inherent qualities and disadvantages of these materials. For examples, choose carefully what you want your floor to be made of, whether that’s marble or tiles. What are you going for a polished look? Will your floor become too slippery or collect dirt easily? All these are important considerations to take into account when deciding on the materials for your bathroom surfaces.

Play with Fixtures

Add a bit of drama to your bathroom by making the most out of your plumbing fixtures. Metallic finishes with unique finishes and styles add some flair and drama to any bathroom. Before you go too elaborate, keep in line your overall theme for your bathroom and also keep in mind that the more elaborate the fixtures, the more cleaning your bathroom will entail.

Correct Lightning

Lighting is a fundamental factor in bathrooms because of the effect on the mood of the user and because of the mirrors present. Appropriate lighting is important for sink and shower areas for good visibility and a soft radiant overall effect.